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Ojai, CA


White Horse Wellness Center provides wellness through horses, art, movement and nature for people with special needs, cancer patients and survivors, seniors, veterans and their families no matter the challenges they are facing.

Wellness for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Wellness, relief, and well-being for cancer patients, survivors, family members, and caregivers.

Just taking an art or riding class can be a welcome and much needed break from an otherwise impossibly difficult life with cancer. We know that only too well from personal experience.

The funny thing is, that while a break from cancer is nice, taking that break can impact your life in a much more dramatic way.

At one level, it helps us regroup or regain a kind of life energy that cancer can so easily drain away. But something else can go on as well. Studies show if you feel better, it changes gene expression and lowers stress hormones and inflammation – all things that have a direct impact on cancer itself.

But regardless of the effect on cancer, wellness through this program is good for it's own sake. Join our community by donating, volunteering, or taking classes.